Musharaf Resigned - Please Don’t Hurt me! Pervez Musharaf has Resigned! yes you have heard it right. He has finally been forced to resign as President of Pakistan.

Well, it was a regime spanned on almost a decade. Now as he has left now, the most important thing is how we are going to deal with the impeachment process. Is their a deal been already made for a safe passage or he is going to face the court?

Considering our past record, no armed official has ever been put to Jail or faced trial in the 61 years of history. So I am pretty confidant to say that he will get a safe passage. Chapter closed.

Question is, who is going to be the next president of Pakistan? The real battle begins. Now we will start seeing all the tu-tu, mein-mein, chik-chik between the coalition parties every where. I am not a pro-Musharaf but the leadership we have is not any better than him. Infact, everything seemed alright before the incident of Lal Masjid and Chief Justice. The things I am going to be worried from now on are.

– Would there still be selections based on merit as I have seen that happening in the past in many departments.

– Would the new leadership will accept the media in the current form? Can they let them enjoy so much liberty-to-air almost anything?

– Would they actually start doing something to make the life easier for a poor man now they have solved one major issue according to them?

Well, I am sure many more questions will come up in every ones mind soon. Let’s see how many answers we get from them.

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