Chief Justice of Pakistan, Ch. Iftikhar AhmadI don’t know if you are going to get it back ever but just in case, if you do get a chance, please, after being so much publicised, you should not be working as a Chief Justice of Pakistan. Your profession requires not to mingle so much with public so any relation developed may not interfere your judgment and corrosponding decision. You have been exposed to media to a great deal and great friendships being made as well. One can think that you may use your power to give the favor back to the “particular” community who have helped you in getting your seat back.

Here is a better course of action for you.

Come into Politics, please!

In the current scanario,  Mr. Asifali Zardari, would never get you back on your seat and may use all of his might to keep you ou of judiciary. On the other hand, Mr. Nawaz Sharif would never rest un-till you are back on your seat and cancel the NRO. So it would be much better of a choice to not being played by both parties and come into the Politics. Join a party which you think is better than all or else form your own Political Party. Come into the competition, Really, we are all tired of seeing old faces with new tricks. They does not seem to amuse us any more. We need a real man to see where these leaders could not. We want you to lead us toward a better Pakistan and a prosperious Pakistan.

Please Help us save the remains and build a stronger nation.


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