I have read a blog post on Pak alert a couple weeks back regarding a second 9/11 attack to implicate Pakistan.


Well,  I know another 9/11 has been speculated to great extent but I was thinking that although America want’s to disarm the only (declared) Muslim nuclear power from its nuclear assets in any case but can they really afford to have such kind of massacre on their own land, especially with the new party and supposedly liberal President in the white house?


They can’t afford to have it especially at such a time when their economy is almost broke already and a large number of Americans are suspicious about the first attack as well. But they really need to get their objectives, i.e.,creating a reason to disarm Pakistan from Nuclear weapons. So what could look like a possible solution in this situation is use someone else’s land and what better option could have been than India?

So I see a relation here. A second 9/11 may not took place far far away from us if it really has to happen. It may very well be planned in our neighbourhood as well. And the recent Mumbai attacks can be part of a greater conspiracy for a collective attack on Pakistan.

Please share your views.

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