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Such a BUSH - Are You?

Such a BUSH - Are You?

I just have finished with something which kept me working like a donkey (that’s even better) since the day BUSH has got a new pair of shoes (certainly not on his feet). This was a pretty old idea I had over the shelf and could not get enough motivation to bring it into light but well, I think this was now or never situation and I am glad I have done it. And this time it is not a single animation. it is a whole site about it. And now, the next big things come, getting it to the masses and collect ONE MILLION SIGNATURES to make my dream come true. Well, let me clarify here, that’s one dream and I have plenty of them under the pillow. So without making you bore any further here is the link.

And you can still opt to be such a BUSH, not to visit it. Well in that case. BUSH Off!

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