zardari-vs-manmohan-boxing-matchWho is going to resolve this Pak-India conflict?

Who is going to resolve this Pak-India conflict?

It’s been a while we have been trying to put the blame on each other and We, common people, are still confused over the basic facts (thanks to media). For some, this may come as handy (to keep us on our toes with more breaking news items) but for the rest this has pushed them a little more over the edge. They are dying to listen a positive news. So the biggest question is who is going to put an end to the Pak-India mud slinging? Who is going to resolve on-going Pak-India conflict? Who is going to be the one to stop them from giving war threats to each other. If you are eager to find the answers, let’s see this Zardari V/s Manmohan boxing match and find out.

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