Unilever and Mindshare are trying to sweep Saad khan’s tragic death in Clear Reality Show under the rug. Traditional media has been put at silence while new media is trying their level best to help poor family by bringing this matter into public through blogs, social networks and online news sites. After our first poster on the issue, given below is our new comic strip which shows the exact situation.

Media Role at Saad Khan's death in Unilever & Mindshare's Clear Reality Show

Media Role at Saad Khan's death in Unilever & Mindshare's Clear Reality Show

Download high resolution image if you want to take a print of this strip.

Our media which has shown the swat lashes video over a week without confirming if that video is real or fake and still did not cover this story. Perhaps they can’t go against the hands which feed them. But can’t they have even a little decency of acknowledging this unfortunate incident? They have already lost their credibility as for as main stream educated Pakistani’s are concerned (I hope I am saying this right.) But here is a chance for them to prove us wrong otherwise.

And regarding the show sponsor and producer, I am not getting what on earth is stopping them to come forward and show some corporate social responsibility and resolve the issue on ethical grounds rather than on legal grounds. This way they even don’t need to put the show in shelves rather they can have another show as a tribute to saad and may be give all the money earned through that show to Saad’s family. And if they don’t have any guts to do that then, Well, next time I go to grocery store I will make sure that there is nothing from unikiller and mudshare (the brands they own/promote) in my basket.

At the end I would really admire all the efforts new media is putting into this cause. This is not only helping build the necessary pressure to get an ethical solution for Saad’s family from these filthy business empires but also showing the wonderful power of user engagement new media has to offer.

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