After reading this post post by Dr. Awab about the interview of Yusaf jan (by faisal Qureshi) for We are Green and White Song and watching the video. I was signing the song all the way driving to my way back home. “Watch out we are green and white”. It has some thing to it. Something which can’t be described but which urges you to do some thing for Pakistan and see the positive side of Pakistan.

But once the feeling was passed and I was back to the harsh reality we all are living in I really felt like sending a message to every one who is in the favor of on-going American advancements in our country. I sure hate these advancements to the core of my heart and don’t want them to interfere in every single matter concerning our land. This land is our land and we should be the one deciding about it’s future. Without getting into the dirty politics played by our local lords, I want to share a message with every Pakistani which I am sure every Pakistani have it in their heart and want to communicate to American Government. So here is PakSatire’s version of saying “Watch Out! We are Green and White”.

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I hope you will like this.

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