Imanae Malik a 3 years old girl got killed at Doctor's Hospital Lahore

Imanae Malik a 3 years old girl got killed at Doctor's Hospital Lahore

This post is dedicated to Amanae Malik, a 3 years old girl who got killed at Doctor’s Hospital Lahore on second day of Eid. This is a graphical representation to my last blog post (at where I have talked about how I think Doctor’s hospital alone is not responsible but we we are also responsible of Imanae malik’s death. I hope it could provoke our numb senses and give us the courage to be part of the revolution this innocent martyr has brought in to change the health system of Pakistan.

Well my heart goes out over the tragic death of Imanae Malik.

Imanae Malik a 3 years old girl got killed at Doctors Hospital Lahore because of you.

Imanae Malik a 3 years old girl got killed at Doctors Hospital Lahore because of you.

Almost two years back I had to have a very minor surgery of my only baby Amna for tongue-tie. And I have had a very difficult time going thru the process because it contained anesthesia in it. All sort of horrifying thoughts were coming into my mind and I can say that was most desperate time of my life seeing my little angle unconscious and waiting for her to open her eyes and call us again. Even recalling that memory makes my eyes all wet. Thank to Allah that all went fine.

BUT here are the parents who have to deal with the death of their only child in front of their eyes. They never have had any thoughts of their baby dieing in the most expensive hospital of Lahore while treating a small finger burn. But sadly it did happen due to criminal negligence on the part of Doctor’s Hospital.

This would have been swept under the rug as usual but this time it was not a case of Nirala’s owner hitting a car and murdering a baby and nothing ever happened afterward. This time it was not the case of Saad Khan’s tragic death in unikiller’s (unilever) realty show and no media ever bothered to cover the news as they should have been.

And here we are still keeping up with our 9 to 5 routines. If it is not me or my family, no need to bother, nothing changes, life goes on…

Only if we had the courage of Aqeel Malik who even after this tragic loss is committed to bring justice for her baby. If we had opened our eyes from all the past incidents and justice been made and examples been set for all those incidents due to criminal negligence or careless attitude, this must never had happened to Imanae. So let’s confess that we are responsible of her tragic death because we have sealed our lips and closed our eyes and put fingers in both of our ears.

If you are still not feeling like speaking up over this incident, you are as much responsible of this death as the cruel doctor and filthy management of so called doctors hospitals.

Satire Synopsis:
If Doctors become butchers
and hospitals become slaughter houses…?

Being a doctor is the noblest profession any religion/belief talk about. What is better than saving a life? Islam says if you save one life you save whole humanity. And medical and paramedical staff does that on daily basis. But what if the same medical professionals become killers and start taking lives instead of saving them.

Who would you go for a remedy then?


Join Imanae Malik’s revolution to help change Pakistan’s health system.

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