Google is about to get a ban for exposing all the crisis in Pakistan despite all the efforts of current governement to deny any crisis at all.

Well, a friend just emailed this image to me with a title of google being honest about our crisis. Saying that our Government should as well. But google is merely suggesting of what ever all of the world is searching in Pakistan. The list which you can also see in the image includes a long list of crisis prevelent in Pakistan.

crisis in Pakistan,
sugar crisis in Pakistan
energy crisis in Pakistan
economic crisis in Pakistan
electricity crisis in Pakistan
food crisis in Pakistan
wheat crisis in Pakistan
judicial crisis in Pakistan
power crisis in Pakistan
water crisis in Pakistan
financial crisis in Pakistan

But what I was wondering is that google did not show any suggestion about political crisis in Pakistan. May be no one ever bothered to search for it on google as it is a little too obvious. Actually the political crisis is the mother of all crisis and if we could get this managed all of these crisis will be vanished.

Here is the image, I do not know who copied it first but none the less it was a good find.

crisis in pakistan as identified by google

crisis in pakistan as identified by google

As the Government does not approve of any crisis in Pakistan so there you go.

Go Ban Google for exposing this in public.

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