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While filtering applicants at from a pool of hundreds of CVs we received for 2 of our recent jobs for SEO Interns and Snr. SEO Manger, I have realized that how a majority of applicants are possibly destroying their own careers by not reading the Job Description before hitting the ‘apply now’ button.

Despite of writing in the Job description that these posts are for only Lahore based candidates, we literally were swarmed by out of station candidates. There were almost equal amount of CVs of candidates from other cities and all of them without any cover letter. Cover letter is important too but that’s not the point I am going to make here. There were loads of CVs which were not relevant to the job at all still the ‘apply now’ button seemed attractive enough to them to try their luck. But excuse me, that’s the ‘bad luck’ you are in fact clicking. No, it does not really matter how juicy you are, if we are going to get apples, we would not settle for oranges. Did you ever realize how this supposedly ‘little’ action on your behalf, makes employers job more difficult which can very well cost you any relevant future employment opportunity in same company. I know it may seem hard to you but please do yourself and employer a favor of not getting into the temptation of spontaneously clicking the ‘apply now’ button. It is not a ‘lucky draw’ and NO, you are not increasing your ‘entries’ of winning a job this way.

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And man, I desperately wish to have an infraction  system with a ‘spam’ button at to report users who send their CVs without reading the Job Description. While thinking for a solution, thought to share this idea which really worked for one of my client in the past on moderating a large community. Hope you can make that work for you as well.

How about an infraction system, Monis? Where each spam report by employer would earn the candidate an infraction and upon reaching ‘x’ infractions, candidate’s ability to click ‘apply now’ for a job automatically gets restricted. (Passing on another line of revenue where you can actually milk some more cash from candidates as well by putting a cap on the number of jobs they can apply in a month.) So one way or the other, this can help reduce spontaneous applicants to a posted job resulting in better service for employer, professional grooming for candidates and less load on your servers. 🙂

What do you guys think?

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