1. Why CJ did the placement of ROs when it should have been the responsibility of CEC? On what basis CJ appointed all those ROs? What were the criteria? What percentage of irregularities was committed by ROs appointed by CJ.
  2. Why magnetic ink was not provided or used on all polling booths? What action has been taken against PCSIR?
  3. There are multiple constituencies where irregularities have been proved and verification process has changed the results of the constituency as well. But after well over 14 months, do we have a single case were a PO/RO has been put behind bars on this criminal negligence?
  4. Why the ballet paper could not be imported and made in some special way like currency notes so the fakes could have easily been identified? Well I would not buy the argument of the ‘cost’ being too high. It is not as high as the cost of not having fair elections.
  5. Why serial numbers were not printed on the vote side of the ballet paper? It could have played an important role in making rigging difficult. They were only printed on the portion which is kept in file and not on the actual vote. Any vote carrying a different serial number or duplicate serial number could have been identified much easily.
  6. Why election has to take place on a single day? I mean seriously, why the hell we want to conduct elections in a single day if we run into limitless administrative issues that way? Why not have elections spanned to multiple days and ensure complete transparency in a smaller geographic region.
  7. Why did UNDP provided computer system go down at a crucial time? You are in the middle of something which can ensure the integrity of the results and suddenly your system crashes and you announce to do everything manually resulting in even more irregularities. Anyone was asked and prosecuted? or Can we just ignore this as a technical malfunction?
  8. Who was controlling ECP?#Fakhru did not look in control before, during and after the elections. He just delegated core responsibilities to third parties. I ask why?
  9. Why did ROs not allow free access to information? It was both a requirement for transparency also fundamental right #Article19A Why ROs did not submit nomination papers in time to have more time for the scrutiny process.

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