Here are the three, four, five reasons you should be looking forward to kamran khan’s show on Dunya Television.

  1. His conscience has been awaken already as mentioned by him in his farewell speech to Bol so you should give the guy a chance.
  2. He has donated all of the tax free money he has taken from Bol network to the people he left behind at Bol to his wife and family. After all that our religion also suggests that best money spent is on your family. So watch for his love of charity and helping others in need.
  3. His state of the art investigative skills has been sharpened all these months through meditation. That is how he came to know about the wrong doings of Bol network and decided to quit as soon as he discovered the truth.
  4. Who else can be a better savior of the country than someone whose conscience has fully awaken just recently, who does charity and have incomparable investigative skills.
  5. Dunya channel has spent hell lot of money on the promotion of his show. According to a survey by Neilsign Ratings and Board Score he is the 3rd most visible face on this part of sign-boards of our planet. And you would not want whole ‘Dunya’ come crumbling down for your own sake.

It would be  criminal and (KK can prove that) to not watch his show after having the knowledge of all of the above mentioned reasons. You can now have your fingers crossed and sit idle in front of Dunya news for next few hours or else all of your scandals will be exposed by Kamran Khan, obviously, without disclosing your name.

At the end, can some one please help fill in the blank in following poster? I would go with ‘Ba-Zameer’

Kamran Khan on Dunya

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